To Cynic Or Not To Cynic, That Is The Question!

Another holiday approaches, and I went back and forth about what to write.  Would I go historical and mention a man that became a saint?  Would I look at the cliched subject matter that always pops up?  Would I weigh in on what others think?  I think I will wing it, and see what happens.

I am a hopeless romantic, always have been, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  So how does that reflect on Valentine’s Day?  I haven’t had that much experience with it personally, on the dating front that is.  The thing of it is, when you’re single on a bunch of V Days, you see all the sides of it, well if you’re reflective like me anyway.  You know what the sides are? Well, there’s the side that looks at is a glorified Hallmark holiday, and then there’s the side that chooses to embrace the celebration of love.  You know who’s right?  Both.  You know who’s wrong?  Neither.

Yes we don’t need a specific day to celebrate love for one another, just as we don’t need gifts and flower to show each other how we feel.  Love is something that makes life better, that’s just a fact.  Whether it’s love for our parents, friends, kids, pets, coworkers, or even for ourselves, if we have love in our lives, then it is better.  Sure, not every day is going to be rainbows and unicorns, but it is still worth the effort.  You see, love does take effort, effort that should be shown year round, but that doesn’t mean that effort shown one day out of the year should be scoffed at.

Valentine’s Day has been commercialized, but what holiday hasn’t?  Literally no holiday out there doesn’t have some kind of marketing geared towards it.  Even the holiday’s that aren’t geared around a celebration, will have something latched onto them, like a sale for example.  Does this mean that we should look down on a holiday because it is commercialized? I don’t think so, but I also don’t think we have to blindly accept it either.

There are those among us that like the idea of Valentine’s Day, and I don’t see why that’s wrong.  Why shouldn’t we put forth a day to celebrate the emotion of love?  We set days aside for mother’s and father’s for example, but I never hear people yelling about how these important people should be celebrated every day and not just on those days.  Of course mother’s and father’s should be celebrated year round, these people make us who we are, and if we are lucky, they give us unconditional love and support, but that doesn’t mean we should leer at the day marked on the calendar that is specifically theirs.

An emotion such as love can be a tricky subject, and I understand that is where some of the backlash comes from, but I don’t think it should result on someone being put down because they choose to celebrate it.  There are those of us that think the idea of this day is a fantastic one, and buy into it whole hog. There are those of us that buy into the day because people we are dating think it is the best thing ever, and they know that not celebrating it will hurt their partner and cause sadness.  Then there are those of us that think it shouldn’t be celebrated at all, and that’s perfectly acceptable as well.  In my line of thinking, none of these people are wrong, and at the same time, none of these people have a right to tell me that my way is anything other than correct.

Personally I have bought no cards, flowers, or candy, but that doesn’t mean I won’t let those that are important to me know that I love them.  I will go to to work like I do every Thursday, and I will come home afterwards, watch TNA wrestling and drink a beer.  I am a creature of habit, and that’s what I like about Thursday nights.  Is my way wrong?  No.  Did I buy into the commercialism?  No.  Would I have if I was dating someone?  Yes.  Yes I would, and I am not ashamed to say that.

I buy presents for people on holidays, birthdays, and sometimes just because I want to remind them that they are special, so yes, I would celebrate Valentine’s Day as well.  I would celebrate it with a smile on my face, and hopefully a kiss or two on those smiling lips.  I wouldn’t shake my fist at Hallmark, I wouldn’t scoff at someone toting around a giant stuffed animal, and I wouldn’t think less of someone that chooses not to glorify the day.  My opinion of the day is not the same as everyone else, and it never will be.  I will have similar thoughts as others, about this day and many other things, but no one out there has the exact same ideology as me, because no one else out there is me.

I applaud you if you wake up tomorrow and you have a grand design for what you are going to do, and how you are going to celebrate.

I applaud you if you decided to make the effort and bought a card or a gift because you know it is expected and you don’t want to have that fight.

I applaud you if you know you are full on in love with someone and don’t need a specific day to prove that to anyone.

I applaud you if you decide to let a few people that are important to you know that they are.

I applaud you if you smile at people you see walking down the street hand in hand with the person they love.

Love is an interesting emotion, it causes highs and lows, but it does the world a lot of good.  The world needs love every day that it spins around and orbits the sun, but there is nothing wrong with shining a spotlight on it once a year.  If we take one day a year and reflect on what love means to us, or to point out the love in our lives, then that will help us show that love on all the other days of the year.  You can’t fully embrace something and share it unless you understand it and know what it means to you.  That is something I believe about many, many things in this world, and I hope that you might see that as well.

I love the fact that I have people who decide to spend a few minutes here and there reading what I have written.

I love that I have parents that have always been there for me and helped me get to where I am in life.

I love that I have friends that have helped me through struggles, that have made me laugh, have shared a beer, or have opened up to me.

I love that I have a pretty great family, and that I have extended that family through the friendships I have made.

I love that I have access to the technology that let’s me meet people from around the world, like minded people that keep things interesting.

I love that fact that I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and that there isn’t a reason to worry, because I am capable of dealing with what it throws at me.

I love so many things in this world, and I love that I learn more and more as time ticks by.

I am a hopeless romantic, and I love love.

Author: sosayssadorf

I am learning as I go, something I always pledged to do. Sometimes it is harder than others, but I strive to learn and grow as necessary. Periodically I will pop in to empty my brain, hopefully you enjoy it and decide to take this little trip with me.

One thought on “To Cynic Or Not To Cynic, That Is The Question!”

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    Hey- I was feeling unhinged today. I don’t know what it is about Valentine’s Day that makes me feel so terrible, I’m married after all, but every year it makes me crushingly sad. However, this was the attitude adjustment that I needed. Thanks so much to Matt for posting this. Happy Valentine’s Day xxoo

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